Indigo Application

Indigo is a unique, social, digital and non-profit initiative. It is a solidarity free application developed for IOS and Android phones that enables the access to free goods or services, and facilitates citizens’ mobilization and engagement in non-profit actions and volunteering activities. Indigo has also a web app platform dedicated to NGOs allowing them to create volunteering activities on the application connecting them to the volunteers.


Indigo allows every user to:

  1. Post a need: ask the community for any kind of service or object. (Red Icons on the app map);
  2. Post an offer: offer to the community any kind or service or object. (Blue icons on the app map);
  3. Look for an NGO or humanitarian cause and participate by becoming a volunteer or by offering them the objects they need. (yellow icons on the app map);
  4. Allow NGOs to create events and promote the involvement of the community and volunteers.

The platform has a mission of social integration as it enables vulnerable groups of to receive help directly from locals, while at the same time it enables them to actively participate in the community by offering their time and skills to other members and the participation in volunteering activities. The application lists the volunteering actions proposed by NGOs and Associations through geo-localization.


In order to support the integration of refugees and migrant people in Europe, the Indigo application will be used to facilitate the organization of intercultural encounters and events in Greece, Finland, Poland, Cyprus, France and Italy. Besides the translation of the App to these languages, 3 additional language will be soon available: Urdu, Farsi and Arabic.

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Training guides on how migrants, refugees and members of the host community can best benefit from the use of the Application, will be available soon!