Capacity building workshops

They aim at developing host communities’ intercultural competences in order to better understand and support third country nationals, and in general migrants, in the community integration process.


Specifically, these workshops intend to:

  • raise awareness about multicultural societies through interactive activities, discussions and practical tools for intercultural learning;
  • raise awareness about own prejudices and stereotypes in relation to other cultures and cultural references;
  • analyse intercultural situations experienced by participants in their work with migrants and propose common solutions;
  • develop competences in dealing with intercultural conflicts;
  • share experiences, approaches, tools and practices of participants in working with third country nationals in Europe and beyond;
  • develop diversity management skills within professional teams.

The project is elaborating interactive materials in the following topics:

Explanation of concepts: cultural awareness, inter-culturality, identity, values, traditions.

Practical examples (case studies, role plays) for intercultural situations, conflicts and solutions.

Experiences, approaches, tools and practices in working with third country nationals for integration (political, civil, social etc.).

Preventing discrimination, ensuring equal access and improving public perception on migration.

Diversity management skills and intercultural mediation.

Mapping Skills and competences of TCNs (EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals – 2017).

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