What is the MIVA-project about?

The objective of this project is to promote the implementation of interactive activities to enhance the integration of Third Country Nationals’ through their participation in the social and cultural life of the host community, and to foster capacity-building of local communities on successful integration via volunteering and cultural actions.

Specific objectives of the MIVA-project are:

  • Promote the development and implementation of innovative actions to increase third country nationals’ engagement in the volunteering sector, as active members of the local community.
  • Foster knowledge and experience sharing, as well as implementing a capacity building programme focusing on third country nationals’ integration, stakeholders and local citizens from the targeted communities;
  • Support the empowerment of refugees and increase their participation in local community life;
  • Develop partnerships and cooperation among stakeholders and all actors involved in promoting integration at a community and transnational level.


Main target groups

Third Country Nationals, local citizens, officers form Lead Resident Assistants (LRAs), volunteers, trainers and social workers engaged in the field of asylum, migration and integration.


– Deployment of Indigo application and NGO platform in participating countries;
– Co-development of a cross-cultural activities programme aims to promote community cohesion and cultural awareness including:

  • ● Organization of cookery courses and production of a booklet with multicultural recipes;
  • ● Organization of Intercultural Festivals;
  • ● Hosting Futsal/Football matches;
  • ● Arranging Walking tours ‘’ Explore your city cultural paths’’ within the hosting city to familiarize with the local history and culture;
  • ● Creation of the “Documentaries” including experiences from festivals, futsal/football matches and walking tours.

– Implementation of Capacity Building Workshops aimed at developing host communities’ intercultural competences.

Project Priorities

Integration through Volunteering Activities via Community Building at a Local Level


Athens & Piraeus (Greece), Nicosia (Cyprus), Warsaw (Poland), Helsinki (Finland), Agrigento & Palermo (Italy), Paris (France)

Project time period: 01/12/2018 – 30/11/2021

The Partnership